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Origin : cross of the  BC Grapefruit X Kush strains.
Thc Distillate content:99%
Indica/Sativa ratio:100%
Effects: Creative, Euphoria, Happy, Sociable.
Fragrance: Citrus, Grapefruit, Kush, Sweet.
Flavors: Citrus, Creamy, Grapefruit, Sweet.
Medical: Chronic Pain, Inflammation, Muscle Spasms, Stress, Tremors.
Switch over to our smooth, high quality Og Kush Cartridge  ,Made with best quality THC Distillate, and an
organic blend of terpenes and Grape Kool Aid flavor.



Tired of hurting your lungs with harsh joints?
Switch over to our smooth, high quality  Og Kush Cartridge ,Made with best quality THC Distillate, and an
organic blend of terpenes and Grape Kool Aid flavor.
One hit of our GK  Blaze dab pens, and you’ll never want to roll another joint again. No smell, no fillers, no vitamin E,
organic ingredients, discreet high, great taste. Enjoy and vape responsibly.
Og Kush is a 100% pure indica strain .
 This dank bud was named one of the Top 10 Most Powerful Strains in the World by High Times magazine.
 THC level that ranges from 22%-28% on average.
Uplifting euphoric head high that leaves you completely pain-free and slightly introspective.

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8 reviews for Og Kush Cartridge With Grape Kool Aid Flavour(Indica-1g)

  1. Juicyfruitycombo

    I really like the flavor and amount of smoke! Extremely tasty!

  2. becca

    Authentic flavor with discrete effects, helped me chill myself before meetings! Would recommend to anyone!

  3. lorena ozzy

    Very flavorful and the pen is describe and lightweight. Fits perfectly in your pockets.

  4. Funny hampter1

    Finally I find a vape with good quality, great flavour,and battery that last…

  5. sontanositaliano

    Good. Smooth. Tasty. Looking forward to trying the northern lights vape..

  6. catkittycat

    Hands-down the best purchase for disposables. They last long and are very convenient and compatible. I will buy these every time they’re in stock

  7. bobbynotdilen

    i am a regular customer ,and i always order one of those bad boys.
    this vape last me for 2-3 days usually, works perfect great for backyard chilling with my friends

  8. heyluu

    Well, I think I’ve found my new fav indica cart. Fantastic grape smell/flavour with a smooth and strong indica effect. I’m currently melting into my bed and loving it

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