Astro Pink Shatter(Indica)

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bulk deal:

1 shatter for 30$

2 shatter for 55$(save 5$)

3 shatter for  75$(save 15$)

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Tlv Finest Budz Is Offering 1 Hour Concentrates Delivery In North York.
How to consume Astro Pink Shatter?
From pull-and-snap to crumble, wax, and shatter, smoking dabs requires a dab pen, a dab rig, or a water pipe.
Because dab pens are small, discrete, and inexpensive, they’re accessible to most who would like to try concentrates.


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1g $30, 2g $55, 3g $75

8 reviews for Astro Pink Shatter(Indica)

  1. jasedossalo

    5 stars all day ,what a killer packaging

  2. lottomax


  3. aka111

    high quality shatter,and really nice packaging.
    Plus the price is on point.

  4. albert

    just picked 10 shatter packages,really high grade,lively packaging and great deal for 10 pieces, thanks

  5. offir

    3 gram for 75$?
    damn girl!!!

  6. amilio

    really good shatter 5/5

  7. doliino

    picked 3,great deal,nice packaging and really good quality shatter.

  8. sky d

    For the price you can’t go wrong. And it is like the shatter I’m used to. Not the pull/snap/sticky mess that you often see nowadays. This stuff is like glass.

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