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This pure indica is an exceptionally sweet  strain.

Purple Kush was created by crossing a Purple Afghani with a Hindu Kush.

It reportedly originated in the Oakland area in sunny California, where this dank strain is a superstar in its own right.

Because of its royal indica roots, Purple Kush is especially effective at inducing a full bodied relaxation.

Its sweet grape fragrance is iconic in the scene, and the special orange and purple bits in the flower makes for a distinctive look that is famous everywhere.


how to consume shatter?

From pull-and-snap to crumble, wax, and shatter, smoking dabs requires a dab pen, a dab rig, or a water pipe.

Because dab pens are small, discrete, and inexpensive, they’re accessible to most who would like to try concentrates.

One of the big problems with vaporizers, however, is that with underpowered heating elements and puny batteries, they often don’t get the concentrates hot enough. This can affect the size of each hit, as well as the overall flavor of the smoke.

The most popular way to smoke shatter, wax, and other concentrates is dabbing.

This requires a dab rig, a specialized device with a metal “nail” or glass banger attached to a water pipe.

Smoking shatter marijuana concentrates requires a source of intense heat to vaporize the material.

Many people like to use a handheld torch to heat up the nail where the dab will be placed.

First-time dabbers tend to take a hit and hold in the smoke the way they would for a bong or joint hit.

This isn’t necessary for dab hits, though, and will cause lung irritation.

The best method is to exhale before taking a hit and then inhaling the smoke before blowing it right back out again.

Smaller inhalations work best for those who are prone to coughing.

Gorilla Glue #4, Also known as Original Glue or simply Gorilla Glue is a 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid.

It was first propagated by the heads at GG Strains who have inspired many different Glue-related strains from breeders all over the world.

This heavy hitter is a perfect choice for dee.


  1. mymann

    this is some good stuff.
    high quality, probably the best shatter i have ever had.
    and delivery was fast like @@@

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