AAAA+ Rockstar Island

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  • Indica/Sativa:80%/20%
  • THC Content:31%
  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy
  • Flavors: Gassy
  • Best For: Insomnia, Pain, Anxiety, Depression

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Rockstar island, is a premium Indica dominant variation of a Rockstar from Vancouver Island. This strain is perfect for headaches, pains, and also anxiety. It is a strong predominantly Indica hybrid that provides powerful effects without debilitating impairment. The average thc levels of 29%-32%,so get ready for some real fun. With fragrant flavors of spice , Rockstar is a preference medicine for migraines, pain, and sleep disorders.  Its strong body and transcending effects make Rockstar Island popular among growers.

Why Indica Flower Is So Popular?

While every strain is unique, indica plants commonly have higher levels of THC than sativa plants. Conversely, sativa plants typically contain more CBD than indica strains. The higher THC levels in indica often provide many medical benefits and side effects that users find desirable.
Indica has long been known as the best choice for nighttime tokes, but the effects depend on the strain more than just indica or sativa. Because indica strains typically have higher THC levels, you’ll often have what’s described as a “whole-body high” versus the “head high” of typical sativa types. This increase in THC leads to a calming and sometimes sedative-like experience, making it a great choice to help you relax or fall asleep.
Indicas can also help increase appetite and relieve pain, making them a top choice for medical marijuana patients. Many consumers will turn to indica strains when they’re looking for pain management, nausea relief, and help with insomnia. Because of the high THC levels, almost anyone can see benefits from using indicas. As always, if you are using cannabis for medical purposes, check with your doctor before consuming cannabis or any new medications.

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3.5g $50, 7g $80, 14g $140, 28g $240

9 reviews for AAAA+ Rockstar Island

  1. Hydroflow (verified owner)

    Top Gas verry Nice weed will definitely buy again

  2. Kyle N (verified owner)

    BANGER , Dank pink , killer taste and smell.

  3. jessy simmons (verified owner)

    1:30pm i just woke up lol..definitely good strain for stoners:)

  4. eli baba (verified owner)

    only gass, you know me!

  5. monica herper (verified owner)

    fast shipping to alberta. i love your program.

  6. adam levin (verified owner)

    Heavy Couch Lock
    Heavy Gas
    Premo bang for your $

  7. Smokey-Bear (verified owner)

    Shit is tight. Quad baby

  8. KingofKush (verified owner)

    Another favorite among my friends.
    no complaints on this one.
    smokes pretty smooth

  9. BozzySoldier (verified owner)

    c’est dans mon top 3 des meilleurs weed acheté ici. woowww Amazing.

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