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Biscotti is an Indica dominant cannabis strain, created by mixing the strains of Girl Scout Cookies, Gelato #25 and Gorilla Glue #4. The delicious cannabis strain provides amazing cerebral effects on consumption, paving your path to a state of bliss. Right after, you will feel your body relax into a full-body high. When you consume Biscotti, expect to feel very giggly – laughing at almost everything in your vicinity.
So, if you’re looking for a strain of marijuana that can cure your blues or uplift your mood, Biscotti is the right fit for you. Besides having the potential to effectively treat depression, anxiety and mood swings, Biscotti might also help with chronic pain and chronic stress.
Biscotti strain effects
Now onto what you’ve been waiting for: the Biscotti strain’s effects. Before we get started, please note that Biscotti is known to creep up on you. So be a smart cookie, and don’t overindulge the first time you smoke its delicious goodness.
The Biscotti experience comes on with a buzz of cerebral effects that boost your mind into pure euphoric bliss. After a few puffs, this cultivar instantly boosts your happiness and rids you of any worries.
After the initial rush, your mind settles, and the Biscotti cookie strain’s indica nature delivers a full sensation of calmness and serenity. 
The relaxing body buzz washes over your body and allows you to unwind into a complete couch lock. This cultivar is ideal for after a long day at work or to kick off your weekend.
Prepare to be taken over by giggling fits as the Biscotti strain’s effects leave you laughing at anything and everything around you. This cultivar also enhances conversational skills, making it ideal for meaningful conversations with friends.
Thanks to the Biscotti strain’s effects and its high THC level, it’s often used to treat anxiety, depression, chronic stress, mood swings, and chronic pain.
Biscotti strain flavors
When it comes to flavor and aroma, this cultivar takes the cake. So if you have a sweet tooth, this strain is the one for you.
Its sweet, buttery, and spicy aroma awakens your senses and reminds you of a sugary dessert with a kick.
This cultivar has a mouthwatering flavor profile with eminent sweet, sugary, and earthy goodness, similar to a biscotti cookie.
There’s nothing like a pleasant aftertaste after taking a few puffs, and that’s what Biscotti provides. On exhale, it leaves behind a creamy coffee taste with underlying earthy tones.

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3.5g $40, 7g $70, 14g $90, 28g $150

4 reviews for AAAA Biscotti

  1. mrfisher

    heading up north for the weekend,quick call to my buddies at tlv,oz of biscotti oz of Italian ice,you guys rock as usual, biscotti spot on for daily activities

  2. yoyomama

    This shit got me toasty Boasty foasty west coasty with a cherry on top. This shit got me Humpty Dumpty yooooooo! Straight gasoline baby yummmmmm

  3. Sabrina Houde (verified owner)

    Très bon produit

  4. Smiley N (verified owner)

    150$ for That? my new go to,say no more!

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