Black Iced Capp Flavoured Grabba Shaker(14g)

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We Are Excited To Interduce Our New Black Iced Capp Flavoured Grabba Shaker.
Same Quality As Our Regular Hot Grabba, But This Grabba  Leaf Has This Amazing Black Iced Capp Flavour.
No More Mess, No More Sticky Fingers, Just Shake And Add To Your Joint.
This Cool Shaker Will Last Long With Over 14g Of Grounded Flavoured Grabba.

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1p $20

4 reviews for Black Iced Capp Flavoured Grabba Shaker(14g)

  1. Talesha Lance

    yes,yes,and yes. first time that i see a product that i would probably buy in the last 20 years every week,so good ..

  2. Traci Mundale

    bf bought me 2 of those for my birthday,best gift ever

  3. Wayne T

    i loved it,grabbing more next week!!!

  4. Corey Saunders

    today was my 4th order with tlv,i bought already 2 shakers, and each lasts for around 8 -9 days,you know what,i love it,just love it…

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