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Tired of hurting your lungs with harsh joints? Switch over to our smooth, high quality Blue Dream Cartridge ,Made with best quality THC Distillate, and an organic blend of terpenes and Blueberry Sauce flavor. One hit of our GK  Blaze dab pens, and you’ll never want to roll another joint again. No smell, no fillers, no vitamin E, organic ingredients, discreet high, great taste. Enjoy and vape responsibly. Blue Dream is a sativa dominant  first developed in Northern California. The Blue Dream cannabis strain contains between 20% and 26% THC along with 2% CBD and 1% CBN. Blue Dream strain can compete with the most popular indica-dominant hybrids when it comes to THC content , while still providing the trademark uplifting and energetic high that sativa smokers like and enjoy.


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1p $45, 2p $80, 5p $195

1 review for Blue Dream Cartridge With Blueberry Sauce Flavour(Sativa-1g)

  1. jane colman

    so good.
    I picked 2 last night for 80$, real high quality Distillate, I can tell,good flavour…
    gonna grab every week for sure!!!

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