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first time customer Deal:

Tlv Finest Budz  priority is to provide customers with the best products on the market at the lowest prices around.
We can guarantee you are getting the best value in Toronto!
We offer many options for a First Time Customer Deal .

Program For First Time Customers:

Registration Process:

  • step 1:Place Your Order Online Or Via Text -437-774-9790.
  • step 2:Confirm Your Address.
  • step 3:Send Us Your Selfie Holding Your Valid I.d.
  • step 4:Subscribe And join Our Mailing List.
  • step 5:Text Us The Promo Code ,That You Will Receive.
  • first order Gift:
  • Pick Your First time Customer Gift:
  • Kief /Hash/ Backwoods/ Pre-Roll /3.5g Of Any AAAA Flower /Edible /Shatter/ Live Resin / Budder Wax
  • Second Order Gift:
  • Follow Us On Instagram:
  • Pick Your Second Time Customer Gift:
  • Rolling Tray\ Plastic Grinder.
  • Third Order Gift:
  • Post A Review  About Us On Our Site, Leafythings Or Pothub.
  • Pick Your Third Time Customer Gift:
  • 2g AAAA+ Flower\$5 Off Your Purchase.
  • 4th Order Gift:
  • Share Our Link On Social Media, Like Facebook, Reddit, Google…
  • Pick Your 4th Time Customer Gift:
  • 200mg Chocolate Bar /$5 Off Your Purchase

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28 reviews for First Time Customer Deal

  1. freya

    You guys are awsome, thanks for the freebie:)

  2. suzzi d

    hi,I am a first time customer and I saw this deal on google search so I came to see the menu.
    I really like the variety of strains,it took me some time to decide,but luckily this live chat assist guy was helping out so I pick the Mike tyson and the wedding cake,and boy oh boy ,I really liked the wedding cake I mean the Buds were insane ,and the thc was high maybe too high lol.
    The first time customer gift was nice too,I picked the vape pen,and tlv also offered me a free sample of one of the strains.
    It’s like my birthday again,lol.
    Anyways I am very happy with the service,and you will see me again next week.

  3. jestin v

    amazing deal,made me smile:)

  4. rookieplayer34

    best first impression ever,sweet!

  5. pamela b

    i got the vape as my first time customer gift,and i loved it, thank you.

  6. norman f

    probably the best deal in the history of deals.
    God bless you.

  7. Emilio cortez

    the best delivery service in Canada hands down,trust me

  8. randy mataloviz

    the best company in toronto,and I tried so many

  9. emma diamond

    tlv is my new go to.i ordered the diesel cookies today, and boy oh boy, the most beautiful weed i have ever seen, and it was really good smoke, high thc,i am so uplifted and happy,then, also jessy sent me my first time customer gift, i picked 2g of jet fuel,looks good,but i did not try it yet,great ppl,i love the concept and well, i felt so welcomed,cya next week,cheers.

  10. Anthony Ramos

    thanks for the gift guys, you made my day.

  11. Megan Holman

    what a great start with tlv,i really felt the personal customer service, and the extra freebie is always a yes for me.

  12. Ara Gates

    easy process, got everything done within few min,jessy was easy going and helped me out with some great tips for new customer, now i am rolling my first joint,flower is fresh and looks amazing,i will update my review soon.

  13. Leonor Márquez

    5/5 service
    5/5 prices

  14. April Callahan

    today was my first time ordering.i must say i am very impressed ,so many good deals, and i already smoked some of my super silver haze,and i loved it, not to mention,it helps me with my daily job which is very stressful, thanks guys,i appreciate it

  15. Milo Holloway

    registration was quick and easy,freebies,and good prices,loved it.

  16. Amelia Dyer

    cozy and friendly, great start.

  17. Shahinda Mustapha

    jessy helped me out for some first time customers instructions,i enjoyed the easy process,and should be getting my first order soon,the driver just sent me eta.

  18. Betty Lee

    best company ever!!!1

  19. robin e

    team tlv,nailed it !

  20. Danika Gosse

    fresh flower ,i want to try the mix and match deal next time,and thanks for the love and freebies:)))

  21. shiron kimhi

    rank #1 on google for a reason,you guys are truely the best out there.

  22. adam hermez

    i am a new customer, creating an account was easy,i ordered the mac1,and was blown a away.

  23. slomit q

    i joined the ride recently,so far so good.

  24. mike90098

    sweet deal,i loved our conversation,jessy. thanks for the great advice:)

  25. Emil

    this company is super friendly and down to earth,i recommend 100%.

  26. Hughbert420 (verified owner)

    ordering was so easy,i simply added to cart and pick the flower option,plus i grabbed 2 vape pens. jessy texted me and took care of the rest. easy .

  27. Medicated maniac (verified owner)

    so simple and easy to order,added my gift to cart plus 7g of diesel cookies and all done.god bless.

  28. adam lacobucci (verified owner)

    very nice,great start for a long term relationship.

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