AAAA Pineapple Express

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Pineapple Express is classified technically as a well balanced sativa dominant hybrid.
With half of its genetics originating from an immensely pure strain that is of 100% sativa origins, it makes perfect sense why Pineapple Express would have such a strong declaration of sativa-style effects.
Its THC levels typically range in the 22-28% range, so its high bringing effects are quite strong and powerful.
You definitely won’t be left disappointed if an steady blaze is what you are desiring.

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3.5g $40, 7g $70, 14g $90, 28g $150

5 reviews for AAAA Pineapple Express

  1. mrs cooper

    i am so happy when i saw my precious in stock. this strain is great for beginners or mid smokers like me..
    it has both sativa and indica effects, but i always feel like it is on the sativa side.
    the smell, the buds,i mean real pineapple express enough said.
    thanks guys.

  2. nick

    amazing quality

  3. David O

    Can’t give anything but a 5 star for this one. Flavor and nose that’s outright excellent. Suitable for daytime usage, every puff tastes like heaven. I’m very happy to have tlv and from a medical users perspective, the quality-and price-are always worthwhile. I highly recommend this company !

  4. Bob Dole

    Pretty good honestly. Great for the price.

  5. joker roomate

    smell like real pineapple express,on the thc side i would give it 25-26%, but hey for the price, you know i am in!!!

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