AAAA Critical Kush

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Despite being 90 to 100% Indica, Critical Kush will not staple you to the couch. On the contrary, this variety of OG Kush provides a high with deep body relaxation, mild euphoria, and a massive sense of calm that sticks around. A Critical Kush high isn’t one that will come and go. It is one of the most powerful, long-lasting buzzes you can get from a strain, which can come in handy on those never-ending, stressful days.
As for how Critical Kush tastes, this Indica features spicy, gassy flavors, which is everything you want from any form of OG Kush.
Critical Kush produces enormous yields of sticky, resinous buds with amber-colored trichomes. Then, there’s its 25–30% THC content, which is impressive to say the least.



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3.5g $40, 7g $70, 14g $90, 28g $150

11 reviews for AAAA Critical Kush

  1. John Hartlin

    Very nice…nappy nappy stuff

  2. OmarFitzgerald

    Well worth the price. Definitely buying again

  3. Perma Grin

    Decent Indica, gassy and pungent. Satisfied.

  4. lisa h

    my 2oz came today by mail,nice sealed package ,gassy and good clean high,best run ever.

  5. jennifer

    i can smoke it all day 24/7

  6. Mel C

    what a deal,common now.

  7. Skyeler Scott (verified owner)

    Not to bad for the price, kusht nose kushy taste only thing could of been trimmed slightly better over all good bud

  8. OliverKlossofv

    This one is a good one, bag appeal is good, smell and solid buds, very dense. Buds are a little dry, burns clean and the high off of it is incredible. another new favourite. Each time I order it seems to get better and better. Thanks tlv team. Great weed !!

  9. BONG LORD (verified owner)

    Good taste, potent Indica high.

  10. Dustin R (verified owner)

    lazy Sunday ,rolling one now,impressive buds,some gassy smell,gonna update the review soon.

  11. eden d (verified owner)

    100% satisfied

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