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Death Bubba is a cross of two well-known Indica strains, Death Bubba and Pink Kush. Given these potent genetics, you can be sure that a few puffs of this smooth and fruity tasting strain will leave you stuck to your chair with an intense body high. The buzz is very strong and physical, comes on quick after just a few tokes of very creamy and highly palatable smoke. Thc Levels Average Between 29%-33.3% ,A real true quad.
A dreamy and deeply relaxing physical buzz make this great for unwinding or chasing away any aches or pains while leaving a very pleasant taste in the mouth and a delightful scent in the air.  According to reports, Death Bubba can be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pain, loss of appetite, anxiety, and insomnia. This strain is a heavy strain so take your time if your new, but if you a seasoned smoker this strain is a heavy hitter up your alley!




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3.5g $50, 7g $80, 14g $140, 28g $240

12 reviews for AAAA+ Death Bubba

  1. Jackie p

    I only smoke top quad,and very hard to please.
    This death bubba is fire,worth every penny,a keeper.

  2. Taki z


  3. Jackson

    that’s some good weed

  4. alimo

    worth every penny ,just picked 2 oz of this bad boys,got to be ready for tonight’s party,you know

  5. esco7

    nice quad,purple color,dense,fresh ,thc was high too,great for my chilling.

  6. di_thor

    Makes my top 3 of all time. Very potent, had a huge grin, body tingles and very euphoric feel. Didn’t feel like sleeping until about an hour later which was great as I got to enjoy the high but when it did it was lights out. A fantastic strain.

  7. motty nova

    Very effective pain meds, and on a day it is most needed. Smells pungent and a hint of floral note. (ya, I know, it IS a flower after all 🙂 ) Vapour was mild enough even with a sore throat due to a cold. Took a couple of minutes to come on, but it lasted a long time. A bit on the heavy side, perfect for melting into a tub or becoming one with the couch with a bowl (or 2) of your favorite snack. Flights of fancy mixed in with f*d up thinking, but an hour into it, music was delightfully kaleidoscopic. Good one for bedtime, too.

  8. elli c


  9. Samir c

    can’t go wrong with death bubba,knock me out every time!

  10. martin germaia

    This one of the greatest strain I’ve smoked damn tasted awesome and will knock you out Very good weed

  11. Gordon Campbell

    As a long time user it can be difficult to find a strain that will give consistent high. Death Bubba does that. Every time. And it has a gassy taste that hides the stronger tones nicely. I highly recommend this one to experienced users and offer a warning to use it sparingly to those less experienced. Will buy this again.

  12. delli gansa

    good experience with this company, fast delivery and fire weed

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