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Are You Looking For Death Bubba Delivery In Toronto?
Death Bubba is a cross of two well-known Indica strains, Death Bubba and Pink Kush.
Given these potent genetics, you can be sure that a few puffs of this smooth and fruity tasting strain will leave you stuck to your chair with an intense body high.
The buzz is very strong and physical, comes on quick after just a few tokes of very creamy and highly palatable smoke.
Thc Levels Average Between 23-36%.
A dreamy and deeply relaxing physical buzz make this great for unwinding or chasing away any aches or pains while leaving a very pleasant taste in the mouth and a delightful scent in the air.
According to reports, Death Bubba can be beneficial for patients suffering from chronic pain, loss of appetite, anxiety, and insomnia.
This strain is a heavy strain so take your time if your new, but if you a seasoned smoker this strain is a heavy hitter up your alley!




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3.5g $30, 7g $60, 14g $80, 28g $120

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  1. ronnen bar lev

    i was very happy with the quality and gassy smell,i usually pay 150$ for something like this,so great savings as well. delivery was fast and easy.

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