AAAA+ Blueberry Mac

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  • Indica/Sativa:70%/30%
  • THC Content:30%
  • Effects: Relaxed, Sleepy, Happy, Social, euphoric, heady buzz, Uplifting
  • Flavors: Earthy, Fruity, Exotic
  • Best For: insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, chronic stress, and chronic pain


A collaboration with Happy Dreams Genetics, this hybrid cross of MAC with our very own Blueberry Skittles is an extremely flavorful and potent strain with a thick, even coating of trichomes that look like a layer of freshly fallen snow. These nugs are colorful with a silvery overtone, neon green and deep violet foliage, and wiry amber stigmas. Its aroma is sweet and sugary with notes of fresh berries and buttercream, complemented by a flavor profile just as bold and warm. The smoke on this one is reminiscent of a fresh baked good, with creamy and slightly earthy notes upon exhalation. Effects derived from MAC induce deep physical relaxation, and calming of the mind, making Blueberry Mac helpful in aiding insomnia, appetite loss, nausea, chronic stress, and chronic pain, while it’s Blueberry Skittles lineage invokes a social, euphoric, and heady buzz. While the body is relieved of tension, the mind is uplifted and carried off into a state of creative bliss, so whether you’re interested in the physical or mental benefits of this strain, it’s sure to enhance it all.

What Makes A Strain Exotic?

Just the thought of smoking “exotic weed” already makes your mouth water and your fingers itch to light it up. You’re eager for the first puff, knowing it won’t disappoint your cravings.
This is how attractive exotic marijuana strains can be.
Because they’re rare, everybody wants to have one. The fact that not all weed shops carry exotic strains makes them all the more desirable. But what else is involved?

The Strain’s Background

It all starts with the genetics of the strain, of course.
The crowd favorites we commonly see in weed shops now? Some of them started out as exotic marijuana strains as well.
The more growers replicate and successfully grow them, the more they become available in the market until they became household names.
Now, exotic weed strains are typically created by expert breeders. These strains are usually the newest types of strains in the market. As such, they’re not as readily available as the common ones, so it’ll be a bit harder to get your hands on these exotic strains.
Expert breeders know what strain genetics are the most stable, produce very high trichome yields, and offer the best flavours, aromas, and even effects.
They know which strains thrive well in all types of environments, may it be outdoor or indoor. They also know which strains flourish in different soils as well as grow mediums.
It takes years to become experts in this field, and their expertise has allowed them to produce the most stable exotic weed by crossing different strains with excellent genetics.


There’s also a big difference in appearance between common strains and exotic marijuana.
For one, the bud looks like it’s been rolled in a thick coating of trichomes. The dense trichome layer covering the bud already gives you an idea of how aromatic and flavorful it will be.
The bud itself also boasts of bright, vivid colours. Compared to the buds you see in many weed shops, the colour of an exotic weed strain appears more intense and luminous.

Aroma And Flavour

Just looking at the rich layer of trichomes covering the bud is already a feast for the senses.
One quick whiff of the bud will already let you know that what you have is not some ordinary weed. Exotic weed has an aromatic scent and is pretty strong, giving you a glimpse of how good it’ll taste.
You also know how robust its flavours will be just by looking at its trichomes and inhaling its aroma. Its rich terpene profile adds layers that fully complement each terpene’s unique flavour.

THC Percentage

The THC percentage of exotic marijuana strains also matter. The higher the THC content, the more potent the weed.
But exotic weed strains are more than just their THC percentage though.
Some exotic weeds only have about 15% to 20% THC, but they pack a powerful punch.
So, when choosing exotic weed strains, focus not just on their THC content but on their terpene profile as well.
Terpenes also add to the whole experience of enjoying exotic weed.


The stable genetics of the exotic cannabis strain, coupled with its unique cannabinoid and terpene profile, contribute to its overall effects.
The smoke is smooth and creamy, and the physical and mental high is not just potent but has a balance between them.
The mental high produces a powerful uplifting effect that calms the mind and uplifts the soul, while the physical high offers an energizing yet relaxing effect.

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3.5g $50, 7g $80, 14g $140, 28g $240

11 reviews for AAAA+ Blueberry Mac

  1. shira goldman (verified owner)

    my friends at tlv never disappoint .let me start with the real pictures, that match the products,always. this strain was a score,100% score for me. i am here,with my friends and they are all freaking out by the quality of this blueberry mac.we took notes and we calculate the score by the numbers of participates.
    look: 94.75% out of 100%
    taste 93.45% out of 100%
    price and general score 92% out of 100%
    well,we did out best,i hope it can help the smokers community,cheers.

  2. April Herod (verified owner)

    my first mail order just landed.when i opened my bag, that berry smell ,WoW,so strong ,lovely,huge buds,super quady,very high thc, my friends are freaking out, so i shared your info,they want some,lol,i am so happy i found you guys,you made my week:)))

  3. Josh Roas (verified owner)

    2nd time buying. Definitely worth it. Probably my favourite strain atm
    Heavy hitting Indica,AND lovely smell

  4. Mr. EastCoast (verified owner)

    This stuff is simply amazing. The bud s are cured to perfection with just the right texture and burn rate. The THC in my opinion is excellent. Overall a great buy. Highly recommended! Rock on TLV!!!

  5. Brigitte & Angele (verified owner)

    Sweet as sugar this batch was! ✌ .. beautiful buds .. beautiful high … no bottom of the bag …. got money worth for sure and will order again ! Cheers

  6. Quadhunter (verified owner)

    Nose and taste reminds me little bit of some of the strawberry strains. Love it

  7. Fugitex (verified owner)

    Rare strain that you don’t see everyday, unique taste, great daytime high.

  8. Greg McKiernan (verified owner)

    sweet taste,lovely smell. great strain for a walk with my dog.

  9. Mex vi (verified owner)

    Real quads and smells amazing with great effects to go with it. Strong mental and body buzz. More late afternoon use or just when you want to forget everything and relax.

  10. 420canadian (verified owner)

    Worth the $ 100% night and day

  11. Lukechowzan (verified owner)

    Crazy tropical smell to this strain. Nice colour and crystal content too!

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