Full-Spectrum CO2 Oil Astro Blast (500mg)

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Please enjoy responsibly. Start off with a low dose and gradually move up if you are looking for a stronger high. Do not operate heavy machinery or drive while under the influence. Do not consume while pregnant.
Each Package Contains 10 Gummies  50Mg Each. Contains THC, 19+ ONLY.


Take a bite out of our plump, flavorful, chewy treats and you’ll wonder where they were all your life! Here at Gummy King, we strive to deliver the cleanest and safest gummies possible. Using top shelf ingredients such as high quality THC CO2 oil, full-spectrum CBD and organic flavors. Each Package Contains Multi Flavours Mix Including-Juicy Peach, Grape Cool-Aid, Blue Raspberry And Green Apple. All GK gummies are INFUSED and never sprayed, ensuring even dosages throughout, so you know what you’re getting in every bite.
Enjoy and eat responsibly!

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1p $25, 2p $45, 5p $110

6 reviews for Full-Spectrum CO2 Oil Astro Blast (500mg)

  1. jerry tipsi

    Taste is good, it took like 10-15 minutes till i felt it,the crazy part i am more high eating those gummies than smoking weed,lol.

  2. nova sikkina

    me and my buddy grabbed some ,and let me say,this is some good gummies.
    at first i wasn’t feeling it, after few minute, oh yaaa

  3. jacob

    my buddy ordered some last nigh and we shared,taste is good,and ya i felt it good,grabbing more today.

  4. Alicia keys

    I love these. Good taste, dissolves quickly and I felt the effects 30 mins in. Also gave one to my mother in law who is in so much pain due to medical conditions. I literally just gave her half a piece so we’ll see but she had been crying all night. Anyway, these were my favourite from my order.

  5. Meekachu (verified owner)

    As a beginner edible user I purchased these and really like them. I have a very low tolerance and for me, these gummies works for a nice high. For relaxing at the end of the day I have half of one of these. Next time I’ll buy more of these and just have them when I want to chill

  6. Sledbid (verified owner)

    Good stuff… makes for a good movie night

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