Gold Seal Hash(Indica-Imported)

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Tlv Finest Budz Is Introducing Our New Premium Gold Seal hash .  This hand-pressed delicacy is made only in small quantities to ensure the family recipe is carried out without shortcuts. This authentic hash is made from short and stubby kush plants with boasting an estimated 40% THC. This hash has a very spicy smell and smooth taste ,so  be warned, this is for experienced tokers.  Prepare to get knocked back into the ’60s with this level of quality. If you are a hash lover this product is not to be missed and will sell like hotcakes! From the first toke, you’ll realize what you’re getting yourself into ,because the smoke is full-bodied and intense with a taste and THC punch that will leave newbies running for the hills…..ladies and gentlemen…welcome to Gold Seal  Hash! Benefits Of Smoking Gold Seal Hash:
  • Trigger euphoric feelings – This can be good or bad depending on what you intend to use hash for. If you are looking to get high, this is a huge plus. If you just want the hash benefits without getting high, choose a CBD product instead.
  • Reduce nausea – There are many instances you may get nausea.
  • Further more Using hash will help alleviate this problem.
  • Treat pain – If you are feeling pain in your body, the hash will reduce it by a considerable amount. Other cannabis products will also help reduce pain.
  • Reduce inflammation – For those who have inflammation of some sort, the use of hash will reduce this symptom.
  • Reduce chronic pain – Chronic pain is something that no over wants to have. It can certainly lead to a lower quality of life. Hash will solve this!
Note: Hash is a weed concentrate that is more potent than other marijuana products. In this way, the results will be much stronger. So you won’t have to use as much dosage to experience its effects to get a strong relief.

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1g $15, 3.5g $45, 7g $90, 14g $180, 28g $350

3 reviews for Gold Seal Hash(Indica-Imported)

  1. amir

    picked a gram with my flower,not bad at all
    Also good price for it

  2. taki

    100% yes

  3. lynn pettipas (verified owner)

    This is my second time buying this hash. The buzz from this is good compared to most of the hash I’ve bought in the last few years it seems. This taste is nice, the toke is smooth and it burns well. For the quality, the price is right (I think) for this product. I will buy more again.

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