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 Introducing stage 3 grabbier.
what’s the difference between stage 1  And 3.
We use Triple the amount of our distillate, and kief in Stage 3.
A unique mix of delta distillated(99% thc) , kief , and hot steaming grabba.
Stage 3 grabbair  process:
The secret for a successful batch of stage 3 grabbiar is 70-90 days of perfect environment so the grabba can cure properly, mixed with high quality kief and top delta distillated(99% thc).
If you are looking for the best grabba available in Canada ,then you just found it!
Warning! not for beginners.


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1p $80

1 review for Stage 3 Grabbiar(12g)-Exclusive To Tlv

  1. Andy c

    good twist on a product.
    grabba well made.

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