Live Resin Gelato(Hybrid)

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Live Resin Gelato:
Live resin is a definition and not a consistency.
It can come in several different formats, including wax, badder, budder, and others still.
Live resin isn’t much different from other concentrates.
You can dab it through a specialized dabbing rig or add a tiny dot to a joint, blunt, or bowl. 
You can even find some flavorful vape cartridges featuring live resin.
As with any other concentrate, live resin should be approached with caution and respect: Potency is very high, typically exceeding 40%.
While that’s lower than the 90% figure sometimes achieved by some cannabis distillates and concentrates, many find that the intense, terpene-rich experience is noticeably more complex and intense than with other products.
Go low and go slow with this stuff!

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1g $40, 2g $75, 3g $110

9 reviews for Live Resin Gelato(Hybrid)

  1. jeniffer

    40$ a gram is a good price,
    I wS surprised by the quality,I got the Gelato live resin.

  2. stupdent

    Nice packing,professional and high quality live resin

  3. dana1969

    fast delivery like always,and this live resin is the…

  4. oliveheader

    tried many live resin ,but this one was above all,very clean and strong,and cheaper than what I used to pay,good stuff.

  5. pro pipper

    Very nice. Looks exactly like the photo and packs a great punch. Excellent quality.

  6. Todd Mahoney

    yo,i got mine as a first time customer gift,this is some high q product!!!! tyy

  7. Maci Johns

    strong, really strong!!!!

  8. Jason Rondeau

    Spectacular product ! I won’t lie I was super iffy with online purchases, but these folks have restored my faith.
    Can’t beat that product or price.

  9. Chungus (verified owner)

    Amazing sweet smell i grabbed the gelato . really smooth when smoked but strong.

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