Moroccan Love hash(Indica-Imported)

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The country of Morocco is known for producing some of the best hashish in the world. Morocco has a long and ancient history with hash that dates back many centuries. The Moroccan Love hash is made from 100% organic and naturally grown cannabis plants that are indica dominant. The texture is slightly hard, and non pliable by touch. It has a slight spicy aroma and the smoke has a hint of earthiness and sweetness to it, which users find enjoyable. The high first goes straight to your head before making its way down to your down with it’s soothing and sedating qualities.

Best Hash in Canada Breakdown

 Real Bubble Hash

This old school bubble hash from The Grow House is made domestically from the Lindsay OG strain and has a spicy pungent aromatic flavour and taste. With a soft crumbly texture, this hash is perfect in joints, or in your favourite hash pipe.

Moroccan Hash

Moroccan hash is one of the most popular types of hash on the market and has been popular in Canada since the 70s . It’s produced by compressing the purified stalked resin glands, called trichomes, from the cannabis plant. This hash from MMJ Direct has a traditionally hard texture with a mild slightly non-spicy taste and smell.

Black Gold Seal Hash

Who doesn’t know and love black hash and gold seal hash. Budlyft has it and it’s on sale. This gold seal hash is malleable and sticky. This Black Gold Seal Hash is considered to be the best quality .

Afghani Hash

 Afghani Hash  originates from the northern provinces between Hindu Kush and the Russian border.  This Hash is nice and pliable, smooth smoking that hits you with a powerful.  you Will feel like taking a nap tucked away in the Kush mountains somewhere.

Mazar Sharif Hash

Also Widely considered as the BEST HASH in the WORLD that certainly deserves a place on this best hash list. Mazar Sharif Imported Hash is mostly made of Indica strains that produces the legendary hashish. It has a soft texture and crumbles very nicely with not much heat required. It’s another great product coming out of the far north of Afghanistan.

Nepalese Hash

 This Nepalese Hash clocks in at 50-60% THC. if you had this product and want to share your experiences, please leave a comment below.

Lebanese Blonde Camel Hash

 Camel Hash tastes and smokes great like good hash should, and it’s easier on the pocket book as well. Camel Hash is made from hung dried cannabis buds which are ground down to a fine powder. This ground up cannabis bud is then aged inside of bags for up to 6 months after which it is hand pressed into the finished slabs that you see in the photograph.


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1g $15, 3.5g $45, 7g $90, 14g $180, 28g $350

12 reviews for Moroccan Love hash(Indica-Imported)

  1. Zak (verified owner)

    This is a very good moroccan hash
    Top on top grabbing an ounce next week!

  2. Sami Boulbol (verified owner)

    it has been a while since i had good hash like this one,like maybe when i was younger,around 1997,good times.

  3. Smokey-Bear (verified owner)

    Good stuff !

  4. Kathy Allen (verified owner)

    good source for hash and kief. so far i tried the Moroccan love hash and the gold seal hash,and some kief. the prices are the best i came across and shipping was fast.

  5. namir husan (verified owner)

    me and buddies ordered an ounce for 350$. the only problem was cutting it to 4 equal parts ,cause we don’t have a scale, but we did it like that with the eyes…for the price, you can’t go wrong,so it is a good deal.

  6. Ryan (verified owner)

    INCREDIBLE !!! First Time Order Experience , Express Post and Received in 2 Days Amazing !.
    Thank you Very much for your generosity TLV Team !

  7. Kushomak (verified owner)

    This shit is fire

  8. CM78 (verified owner)

    Excellent hash! Super hard. Hits fast and hard. Huge fan.

  9. Stefen (verified owner)

    This imported hash was amazing great job tlv thanks

  10. pluto bb (verified owner)

    1972 ,me and buddy, had same hash….save me ounce,,

  11. Arslan Hakim Ali (verified owner)

    Top notch hash ,real imported!!!

  12. eric ouellet (verified owner)

    Consistently decent hash at a good price. Old school

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