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Pink Death strain: Pink Death Strain Is Very Potent Indica(80% Indica/20% Sativa) Strain Whose Thc Levels Range Between 26-32%. A cross between Pink Kush and Death Bubba, Pink Death will definitely take you on a wild ride. Smelling like sweet pine and earthy musk, this dank bud is covered in white trichomes and brown hairs.  The nugs are also quite dense and spongy. After the first puff, you will be floating on a cloud as the psychoactive properties rush over your body.  A burst of energy will leave you feeling focused and motivated, the perfect time to get your affairs in order.  As your high advances, you will find yourself drifting away from social situations, turning inward and sinking deep into your thoughts.  Pink Death will help you drift off into a peaceful sleep not so long after, and can be enjoyed any time of the day. Pink Death users describe it as an effective treatment for a number of things including, Chronic Pain, Insomnia, Loss of Appetite, Depression, Fatigue, Stress, and Anxiety.

How to choose the right product for you

When you’re looking for the right cannabis product for you, keep these considerations in mind:
  • Know what you’re trying to achieve. What you’re trying to feel or treat will help you narrow your options. Talk with the dispensary employee about your goals for cannabis use, whether that’s treating insomnia, reducing anxiety, or increasing energy.
  • Understand your tolerance. Some strains, such as Pineapple Express, are considered “entry level.” Their effects are typically mild and tolerable. Strains with higher levels of cannabinoids may be too potent for a first-time user.
  • Consider your medical history. While cannabis is a natural product, it can cause intense effects. Before you try cannabis, you need to consider possible interactions with existing medical conditions and medications. When in doubt, ask a doctor or other healthcare professional about your individual benefits and potential risks.
  • Decide on a desired consumption method. Each technique for consuming cannabis has benefits and drawbacks. If you smoke or vape cannabis, you may feel effects more quickly, but it can irritate your lungs and airways. Gummies, chewables, and foods may be easier to tolerate, but the effects take longer, and they may be much more potent than inhalation.




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3.5g $50, 7g $80, 14g $140, 28g $240

12 reviews for AAAA+ Pink Death

  1. Roberto gonzelas

    first time trying this strain,and I am glad I just did..
    One of the best heavy indicas I have tried for sure…
    The buds were super dense,sticky and gassy smell.
    more than 30% thc,ii am hard to satisfy ,but dammm!

  2. mr.jefferson

    The one and only,omg I was looking for this strain everywhere.
    Something about it that keeps me glued to my t.v screen for hours looking at the screen with the t.v closed,lol,that feeling of ultimate relaxation, like you are the only one alive,and that complete silence…
    lol my small world,short story,try it super good,haha

  3. kiddotunner

    doggggg. what’s the thc on this thing, man i am a heavy smoker, this pink death completely smached my a@@.
    sign me in for another ounce next week.

  4. mimi o

    Thanks for bringing back my precious:)
    Pink death is my everything, love how dense and perfectly cured the Buds are.
    Especially when I open the sealed bag,I love that gassy smell,this batch is even nicer ,I would say a bit higher thc even,or maybe it was just me,lol.
    Anyhow good stuff guys,as usual.

  5. norman69

    asked tlv for thier best hitter.
    They delivered, this pink death rocks.

  6. Jake a

    proper,clean,white burn,the sh1t

  7. Thesixtoronto

    Truly great smoke. Super super dank. Lotsa purple. sticky icky. So tasty. Piney earthy kushy spiceyness that gets in the nose and lingers. super dense buds. if you have the option to grab this one grown proper don’t even hesitate. great for relaxation, just chillin or sleep. definitely a night time smoke Tho. super heavy. real relief for people who need it.

  8. Omar s

    the taste of pink is there,high thc level,added to my must have strains

  9. john obrian

    Think you’re strong enough? Try this and get back to me. Your body becomes one with, whatever the hell youre sitting on. Deep body high for a night in with nothing in the world to do.

  10. Gr8Atom (verified owner)

    pinky is a very good representation of a “pure” gas. (Almost but better landrace) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1! Never knew that is JH! My very favorite strain!

  11. Lloyd Moose (verified owner)

    good smoke, perfect for my weekend

  12. Jefe (verified owner)

    Hits like a train nugs are hard as a rock distinctive taste and a long lasting high! Would recommend 100%

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