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Pink wifi, also known as WiFi OG, is an uplifting hybrid strain that has become extremely popular in the Northwest.   Expect dense cone-shaped buds , covered in a uniform layer of light crystals.  Originally bred in the early 2000’s, pink wifi combines the best traits of its parents, Fire OG and The White. Pink wifi is enticing on all accounts, producing gassy smell, and High Thc Level Of 27-30%. Novice users will appreciate pink wifi for its forgiving effects.  Experienced smokers will find that this strain easily satisfies whether inhaled from a joint or vape, and it can be smoked all-day long without knocking you out.
Why British Columbia has the top strains in the world
British Columbia has a worldwide reputation with consumers as the gold standard in cannabis plants. There’s a happy confluence of factors that contribute to the quality and appeal of B.C. cannabis from climate to sheer potency. Here are some of the significant factors in B.C. strain’s popularity:
  • ‍Climate: The B.C. “Banana Belts” provide mild, just-right precipitation and outdoor growing conditions. The result is a long, late spring and summer growing season that supports fast, lush, high-quality cannabis plant growth.‍
  • Natural Resources: Vast natural water reserves, favorable microclimates, and fertile soil also support ideal cultivating conditions. Outdoor crops on a mountain, ideally situated among the canopy for maximum sun exposure and access to clean water sources, make for excellent plants. ‍
  • Grower Sophistication: Cannabis has been cultivated in B.C. since 1931 when it was grown during the Prohibition-era for (illegal) export to Americans. In general, law enforcement was lax during the cannabis ban in Canada in the 20th and early 21st centuries, and counterculture cannabis enthusiasts and sellers took advantage of the liberal environment. Decades of growing and experimentation have fostered uniquely skilled growers.‍
  • Potency: Cannabis cultivation expertise has led to today’s B.C. cannabis, which is extremely powerful compared to strains from earlier decades. THC concentration has tested as high as 30% in some strains.




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3.5g $40, 7g $70, 14g $90, 28g $150

7 reviews for AAAA Pink Wifi

  1. danceonoff

    that was a good one.
    Nice dense chunks,5 stars

  2. andrew 1995

    150$ for that???i swear in downtown i would be paying like 280$ for that weed,that is some heavy indica flower, you guys are my new plug ,for sure!

  3. Mohamed d

    GASSY,best sleep ever, 2pm i just woke up,5 stars

  4. Dalia Kline

    great for relaxing after a long day at work,just what i was looking for.

  5. ali k (verified owner)

    Definitely a great strain to indulge in. If you like gassy flower and want something that’s not mind overpowering but still heavy, buy this and you won’t be disappointed. Looks – 5/5 – some really nice looking nugs. Exactly like the pictures. Smell – 5/5 – super strong gassy smell. Taste – 5/5 – you get the full pink taste. Leaves a nice long lasting aftertaste as well. Ash – 5/5 – burns pure white. High Strength – 4.3/5 – I feel quite heavy. I got couch locked on this.

  6. dominic sis (verified owner)

    today it was my 5th order, and i just wanted to note few things. i can without a shadow of a doubt tell you that all the pictures are 100% real.i am very sensitive to this subject and got burned from others in the past,and it is very hard to trust any service right now.i am very impressed,and yes it will take time to build trust,but so far i am very happy with what i see,thanks for your approach,and professionalism tlv,i appreciate it .

  7. Wayne a (verified owner)

    Gas 90$ for 7 grams so you have to pay shipping respect the hustle lmfaooo

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