Red Rose Grabba(1/2 Leaf)

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The leaf we select for our products are 100% natural, no chemicals or additives, fresh, whole leaf tobacco.


Red rose is a popular dark air cured it has a thick texture and a very high strength to the leaf. As with most dark air cured leaf it has a natural taste and a very pleasant aroma. Similar to the W1 Wrapper Dark Air Cured it’s graded as a wrapper with the occasional leaf with a minor hole here and there. Overall this is a great leaf.
Hot Steaming  is the leading tobacco brand that offers 100% natural whole leaf tobacco, packaged and fresh.
We hand select our tobacco and only use premium grade A tobacco for our products.
At Hot Grabba Steaming we work with some of the best farmers and brokers in the world to provide you the best product on the market.
The leaf we select for our products are 100% natural, no chemicals or additives, fresh, whole leaf tobacco.
We have  more than 30+ strains  to choose from coming weekly from British Colombia.
cannabis can help you with focus, de stress, muscle spasms, all kinds of pain, mood improving, creativity, sleep, eating and more.
Smoke weed and be happy.
Get a free sample when you order any of our flower selection.
Minimum order of 50$.
Free delivery in north York, Vaughan and Thornhill area.
  • Fronto Leaves ought to have little or no harm at all. Since it’s commonly used as a wrapper, imperfections and different flaws are not as sought after.
  • Fronto, Fanta, Funta, and whatever other names that begins with F normally allude to a dark, covering  wrapper grade tobacco leaf. Variations don’t really make a difference, albeit after some time certain variations have gotten more popular than others. 
  • Grabba Leaf, Hot Grabba Leaf, And Red Rose can mean a dark, thick leaf that is generally mashed and mixed. 
  • Red Herring is usually a darker leaf that has the smell of grilled/bbq or smoked fish.  
  • Darker, thicker (Grabba, Red Rose) tobacco leaf assortments are very much known in Jamaica and on other Caribbean islands.  

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3 reviews for Red Rose Grabba(1/2 Leaf)

  1. Nancy (verified owner)

    placed me first order,2 hours later,it is in my mail box,good communication skills,easy and fast,i wish everyone else in the buss can learn from you guys.

  2. winterknight (verified owner)

    i usually stay away from online shopping, but finding grabba in Alberta is so hard. not gonna lie,i kinda liked the easy process and jessy seems to be cool. thanks guys i might become a regular doubt.

  3. Jason Sooley (verified owner)

    finally some good red rose grabba,god bless.

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