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What is a vape pen?

A vape pen in the most general of terms, is a pen shaped device capable of producing vapor. However, the term gets tossed around a lot to describe several different devices. When the term vape pen first was coined, it more described what was being used by e-cigarette users at the time.

Snoop Dogg then launched his popular G-Pen, which was able to burn your herbs with an exposed wire, allowing you to subtly smoke in public. You can now think of the G-Pen almost like an e-pipe rather than a vape pen. But it helped champion the idea.

Since then the term has exploded and is used to describe any vapor creating pen device. However, the rise of concentrated wax and oils has found the term widely adopted by Cannabis users to describe the devices they use.

How Do Vape Pens Work?

Vape pens are fairly simple devices.

When it comes to oils, the pen is merely a battery that provides power to the cartridge.

usually featuring a button or auto-puff feature.

For wax vape pens, there is usually an atomizer, which holds and vaporizes your wax.

While the pen part, like the oil devices, heats the atomizer. Wax pens mostly operate via a button.

For dry herbs, vape pens feature a heating chamber, which is heated to a controlled temperature over the duration of a session.

Vapor is created then inhaled from the mouthpiece.


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