Wedding Cake Hash(Hybrid-Imported)

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50%-60% thc


There is flower and then there is hash.
Once you extract all the impurities from the Wedding Cake strain and compact and compress all the crystal though the bubble hash extraction process what is left is one of the purest and most potent forms of has you will ever have.
The Wedding Cake hash  have taken the AAAA Buddha Boys Wedding Cake flower and extracted the trichomes through ice waterer and made by stirring marijuana into a very cold bucket of water in order to freeze off the trichome glands from the plant.
The mixture is then put through a 5 mesh strainer for filtering and what is left is then compressed and made into Wedding Cake hash.
The hash has then been transformed from a 20% THC to a hash product that is 70 to 80% THC.
If you love Wedding Cake then you will love the  Wedding Cake hash that will definitely knock your socks off.
The high starts relatively quickly with a cerebral mood boost that’s uplifting and energizing, bringing happiness and euphoria.
The Wedding Cake hash is locally made in Vancouver BC and has a sweet aromatic essence.
Wedding Cake is a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies and one of the most popular strains in Canada.
Because our farm uses AAAA flower to make the hash, what you are left with is one of the best hash you will ever try.

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1g $15, 3.5g $45, 7g $90, 14g $180, 28g $350

3 reviews for Wedding Cake Hash(Hybrid-Imported)

  1. zack g

    Not the strongest but the flavor and high is great. Not couch locked like Afghan, Kashmir or Black Bombay, a good stone high that allows for daily routine.

  2. pitbul life

    good smoke,added some to my backwoods!!!!

  3. Mike Cirone (verified owner)

    really nice hash. crumbles well with a little heat and burns clean and smooth. maybe not as powerful as the hash i have smoked in Amsterdam but good just the same.

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